Wedding Photos – where do we start!?

Taking our wedding photos and creating a wedding portfolio is, without doubt, one of the most difficult things I try to do!  Why? Let me explain!  In 2018 alone, we’ve given back over 13,000 edited pictures to our wedding clients.

I can’t obviously share all of them, so I have to try and pick out 200 or so of the best, or of our favourites.  These then become the ILTO Wedding Portfolio.  We always post a few shots from our latest weddings obviously, but trying to pick out just a handful of shots, from so many that we’ve taken and love, is pretty much impossible!  It genuinely gives me a headache.  I guess it’s like having to pick your favourite child!  We can’t! …. as we love all of them!

As for us, we’re genuinely like friends with cameras, and we balance modern, relaxed, reportage, documentary, funny, creative, fine art and traditional styles of wedding photography seamlessly.

Our natural style …. well, just that …. it’s natural!  (Check our some of our reviews on our Facebook page, and you’ll see what we mean)

The reason for our mix of styles, is because no single wedding is just one style!  Let me explain.  A great day should be a bit of everything, and that’s what we capture.  People who stick to one style of photography, end up with a finished body of work that doesn’t reflect either personalities, or the wedding day at all!  That is a massive fail in my eyes, and we’re never going to be “those people!”.  We even have several awards to back this up, so you know you’d be in safe hands!

If you have something different in mind though, it’s obviously no problem.  We can provide whatever your preferred style is.  It’s your wedding after all, and the style has to be one you love, and is personal to you.  Your wedding pictures are a big investment, and you’ll have them for the rest of your lives, so you need to be 100% happy. This applies not just to the work your photographer produces, but the photographers themselves too!.

 We go with your flow on the day, and we bear the responsibility of being your eyes and ears.  You obviously can’t see everything that goes on, as you’re to busy being newly married!  That’s where we come in.  We capture your memories (and yes that does sound cheesy, but its true!) that you’ll hold on to for years to come.

We’re based in West Yorkshire, but we cover weddings all over the UK, and we also do destination weddings!

Whether your day is in a Castle, Church, Stately Home, Hotel, Mansion, we’ve got plenty of experience in all of them … and everything in between too!  We’ve even worked at an aquarium, a race course and in a back garden too!

Hopefully this will give you a bit of an idea of what we do, and what we could do for you with your wedding pictures too!  If you like what you see, and our approach, why not drop me a line.  Let’s see if we can do what we do best, for you and your wedding!