clare-creswellClare was the brains behind ILTO Photography, as she was the one that gave Paul the confidence and support to follow his dreams …… and not forgetting that she also came up with the great name for the business also!

Working full time as a Senior Project Manager in Leeds, Clare was initially involved with the photography business in a supporting capacity ….. but oh how things have changed!

By her own admission she has a “boring Monday to Friday job”, but has an “exciting weekend job”, and how she finds the energy and passion, nobody knows!

Clare is integral to every wedding that ILTO Photography do, and no more so than at weddings when she’s saved many a brides tear by either helping to lace up wedding dresses when nerves have got the better of chief bridesmaids and mothers, or simply by providing emergency hair grips and safety pins when needed.

The bond that Clare and Paul naturally have, strengthens the way they work, as they instinctively know what the other is thinking from across a room, which is why they never miss a shot.