Mark & Melissa

“I’ve been trying to think of a way to sum up the service, photos and general support that Melissa and myself received from both Paul and Clare at our Bagden Hall Wedding. Without diluting it or tainting it, dressing it into a formal review…it was fucking amazing! There, I said it!”

Adam & Beth

“Paul and Clare MADE our wedding at the Coniston Hotel, what an amazing team! They have an eye for detail that is second to none and they possess a skill to blend into the background for those great candid shots we love so much and their not shy at getting people organised for any formals…

Neil & Terry

“Paul and Clare simply made our wedding. They were far more than “just photographers” helping the day to run smoothly and were there for us both, going above and beyond in keeping us calm! They mingled with our guests and everyone commented how fantastic, down to earth and fun they are. Nothing is too much…

Michael & Emma

We had great fun at our pre-wedding shoot, and this is a really valuable experience if you have never experienced having professional photos taken before. Paul and Clare take the time to talk you through different shots and help you to work out what kind of things you might want/should consider for your wedding.