Mega Jam Leeds – a night to remember ….

Mega Jam Leeds you’ll already know, was a great night if you were there. The people, the performers, the vibe, the colours, the music and the love in the room made for a truly special night!

Hopefully some of the shots I captured at Mega Jam Leeds 2019 will help you relive it all over again …. especially if you’re smart phone footage wasn’t quite as good as you’d hoped for!

(and don’t be surprised if the images are a little slow to load first time around … as there are nearly 400 of them!)

As you know, Mega Jam Leeds 2019 was a free entry event, but obviously it’s not free for the organisers. They currently cover all the costs to host, organise, promote and make sure everyone who attends is safe.

This year we’re working closely with the passionate organisers of Mega Jam Leeds, and for the first time we’re able to offer high resolution, watermark free images, from Mega Jam.

Your donations will help ensure that Mega Jam 2020 can be enjoyed by even more of the community, and for just a £5 donation per image, you can have your own professional images from the night.

With your support, you can be part of something great, and help make sure that Mega Jam 2020 is even bigger and better than this years event ….. which was already awesome!

If you’d like to own an image from Mega Jam Leeds, simply drop me a line email using the contact details below (

Right click on the image/images that you want, and tell me the numbers of them in the filename (eg: mega-jam-leeds-2019-6.jpg …. I just need the “6.jpg” part). I’ll then send you an invoice, and when that has been paid, they’ll be sent across digitally and securely to you, along with the donation details and a receipt.

If you’ve just landed on this page for a look at the pictures though, that’s fine too. I’m sure some of these images will bring a smile to your face as you relive the night!

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Check out some of our other work, and see if there’s anything we can help you with …. and thanks for looking!