Power Connections Leeds 10th Anniversary & Awards Evening

Power Connections Leeds 10th Anniversary and Awards Evening was simply brilliant.

The music, the food, the atmosphere, the awards, and even the musical chairs all combined to make it something special!

Once again, we’re working closely with Pastor Ralph and the team at Power Connections Leeds, and we’re able to offer high resolution, watermark free images, from 10th Anniversary and Awards night.

Your donations will help ensure that Power Connections Leeds, can continue doing the great work that it does, that you ALL do. This way it can be enjoyed by even more of the community. For just a £5 donation per image, you can have your own professional images from the night.

If you’d like to own an image from Power Connection Leeds 10th Anniversary and Awards Evening, simply drop me a line email using the contact details below (enquiries@iltophotography.co.uk).

Right click on the image/images that you want, and tell me the numbers of them in the filename (eg: Power Connections 10th Anniversary-10.jpg …. I just need the “10.jpg” part). I’ll then send you an invoice, and when that has been paid, they’ll be sent across digitally and securely to you, along with the donation details and a receipt.

If you’ve just landed on this page for a look at the pictures though, that’s fine too. I’m sure some of these images will bring a smile to your face as you relive the night!

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