Your Questions Answered

No. No we don’t!!

Not everybody wants the “whole 9 yards” in a wedding package, so if there are elements of the Infinity package that you don’t need or want, then our Essentials Package might be be more suitable for you?

If it’s not, drop us a line and we can tailor something specific just for you.

How many would you like? These are your images from YOUR wedding, so we’re happy to do as many or as few as you want.

In reality, nobody likes doing them. That includes you, your guests and to be fair, us also!  However, it is traditional, and it’s kind of nice too as people only get together for weddings and funerals; so we say that it’s better to have some formal shots and not use them, rather than not having them and regret it afterwards.

To make it less painful for everyone involved, you can give a list of the people you want in each shot to your ushers, that way, they actually earn their titles, and it speeds things up a lot and everyone can carry on enjoying the rest of the day.

Every ILTO Photography client is granted specific Personal Reproduction and Printing Rights.

This means that you can print as many copies of your edited high res images as you wish, and you also get a letter confirming this. You can also share them with whoever and wherever you want.

The Photographer always retains the Copyright as this is the only protection we have against people reediting or selling our work afterwards.

You don’t necessarily need 2 photographers, but you do get more candid, and relaxed shots of your guests with 2 photographers.

A wedding can be covered beautifully with just 1 of us of course, but the limitation is that the photographer can only be in 1 place at a time, so if one of us is with the bride and groom, who knows what the guests are getting up to….. and vice-versa!

No, not at all.

You can have 1 if that’s all you need, and if your wedding is massive, I can provide more than 2 photographers.

Not many people enjoy having their pictures taken, so the last thing you want on your wedding day, is to feel self conscious and clunky when the camera is around.

During the pre-wedding shoot, we’ll show you what not to do, rather than showing you what to do.  This is why are shots are genuinely natural.

Together we iron out the things you don’t like, and focus (no pun intended!) on the things that you do.

It’s also a great way for us all to get to know each other, and for us to see if you’re “serial blinkers”, as this will mean we have to take even more shots on the day to ensure you have your eyes open!

More importantly, it’s supposed to be a bit of a laugh, and when you receive the edited images back from the pre-wedding, you’ll be full of confidence, and you’ll be more excited about what we’ll be able to do for you come your wedding day.

You get all the edited shots from the session, so it’s always a great way to get some lovely shots of you when you’re not in your wedding gubbins!

Not as such.

However, you only need to pay a £100 deposit to secure your date, and then you don’t have to pay anything else until 1 month before the wedding.  This is when the balance has to be cleared.

Of course you can!

If you booked a 2 hour session with us, you’d be treated as if you were an ILTO bride and Groom.

Whoever covers your wedding, you’ll need to look and feel good on the day to get the most from your photographer, and your eventual pictures.

You’d still get all the edited images, and it’s only £200 for 2 hours, at a location of your choice, or we can suggest a few if you’re not sure where to go.

No, not EVERY shot!

To ensure that we capture the key moments without any issues, we take a necessary amount of test shots, and as good as we are, obviously not every image comes out as planned at times, so the offending shots are deleted.

What you do receive however are the best of the best shots, which is always a minimum of 300 which are all professional and beautifully edited.

If it was 1 days work, yes it would be!

As soon as we get home from leaving your wedding, we spend at least 3 hours backing up and checking your pictures … then the fun starts!

I spend at least 10 hours per day, for 2 weeks, editing your images.  Then of course there’s the DVD to create, and the canvas’s and albums!

So if you break it down, the amount it costs for 3 weeks work is very little, and it’s even less when you consider you’ll have these images and the memories they carry, for the rest of your lives.

Some people love these. Some people hate them.

As I spent a virtual lifetime writing them in my previous role as a Procurement Manager, I’m happy either way, but I always provide clients with one anyway for information.

No. You only need to pay a £100 deposit to secure ILTO Photography for the date of your wedding.

No other payment is required until 1 month before the wedding; at this point the balance must be cleared.

On average it takes between 2 and 3 weeks.

Unlike other photographers who outsource their editing, I do all of mine personally, as it’s my work and I know what’s best for the images. Why trust this to someone who’s never met you guys?

They can be turned around quicker at certain times of the year if necessary, but please let me know this in advance so I can plan accordingly. To add to this, at the end of your wedding, when we’re back home and have safely checked and stored all of your images, I always edit 1 or 2 straight away and send them to you …. as it helps you a lot for getting upgrades and freebee’s on your honeymoon if you’re heading straight off!

It’s also nice for your friends and family to see them on Facebook, if they couldn’t attend your wedding.

No! We never sell any of YOUR pictures, as they’re YOURS!

There is always someone who asks this question, when we’ve taken family shots for your guests.

We advise them to contact you when you’ve had your pictures back, and to ask you directly for them. You should be in control of who has which images from YOUR wedding.

That said, if you want to charge people, you go for it, as you’ve got a wedding to pay for! Lol

There are no watermarks on any of your high resolution images, as these are the ones you’ll use if you print your images afterwards.

There is a subtle watermark on each of the web friendly versions you receive though, and if you’ve looked through our website already, each image you’ve seen will have had that watermark.

Did you spot it? ……. I told you it was subtle!

This will never happen, but like all Professional Wedding Photographers should be, we are fully insured.

This covers both you and your venue. We’re in contact with all of our clients constantly, and if we ever thought there was going to be a problem, we’d advise you accordingly and put a mutually agreed Plan B in to action.

For your peace of mind though, with over 90 weddings under our belt, we’ve never ever been in any situation even remotely close to missing a wedding, or even a single shot!

Due to the cost of storage, and the amount of weddings we cover, we keep all of your images for 12 months.

You are advised to back up your images to “The Cloud”, because if you delete them by mistake in 3 years time, I’m afraid they’re gone for good!