West Yorkshire Wedding Photographers Leeds

Wedding Photographers who will get to know you!

We are wedding photographers in Leeds. We spend the necessary time to get to know all of our clients, this starts from the very first time we meet each other. In some instances, even before you’ve booked us!  

We provide the confidence you need to have in your wedding photographers, and we leave you feeling like we’ve all known each other for years …. and this is exactly how it should be. By the time you’ve had your pre-wedding session, you know that you’ll receive images of your wedding that will truly show the real you, in all of your wedding photographs.

As award winning wedding photographers Leeds, we confidently capture every key moment of your day, and a lot more besides, something our clients can happily confirm. We’ve been told that we’re more like friends with cameras, and not what people expect Yorkshire Wedding Photographers to be like ….. and something we take as a massive compliment. This is one of the reasons our wedding photography stands out, because wedding guests relate to us, warm to us and are happy to be photographed by us.

Our clients tell us that our work ethic, approach and attitude on the day of your wedding is “a breath of fresh air” to one and all.

Long after the confetti has finally removed itself from all of your nooks and crannies, as well as your wedding rings and a new surname, only your wedding photographs will remind you of what a special day it was years down the line, when your memories are a little faded. This is why you should never compromise on your wedding photography and confidently hire award winning Leeds wedding photographers to capture fantastic memories of your special day.

wedding photographer leeds - paul cresswell

Paul Cresswell

Award Winning Wedding Photographer Leeds West Yorkshire

Wedding Photographers – something they never thought they’d call themselves!

Paul is one of those people that took a leap of faith to do something he truly believed in, and to him, that simply meant making a difference.

He always had a natural eye for photography, and was given his first camera at the age of 8, but by his own admission, he wasn’t very good as a child!! However, many years on, and after a heart attack at the age of 37, with the support of his wife Clare, he decided to follow his passion, and not the corporate path that he’d expected to plod along until retirement.

In a very short time he’d cemented ILTO Photography into the West Yorkshire Wedding Photography scene, and had created a thriving business, because along with his wife Clare, they had something unique that appealed to people far and wide …. they had personality, charisma and a unique ability to capture people of all ages, backgrounds and faiths at their very best.

This is just one of the reasons that Paul and Clare have won the title of Yorkshire’s Most Popular Wedding Photographers consistently in 2014, 2015 & now 2016.

Through his personal, confident, caring and professional work ethic, even those clients and guests who utter that ubiquitous phrase “oh I hate having my picture taken!” are left smiling when they see the images he takes, and his smile is even wider when without thinking they say “I Love That One!” ……. which is what ILTO stands for!!

wedding photographer leeds - clare cresswell

Clare Cresswell

Award Winning Wedding Photographer Leeds West Yorkshire

Clare was the brains behind ILTO Photography, as she was the one that gave Paul the confidence and support to follow his dreams …… and not forgetting that she also came up with the great name for the business also!

Working full time as a Senior Project Manager in Leeds, Clare was initially involved with the photography business in a supporting capacity ….. but oh how things have changed!

By her own admission she has a “boring Monday to Friday job”, but has an “exciting weekend job”, and how she finds the energy and passion, nobody knows!

Clare is integral to every wedding that ILTO Photography covers, and no more so than at weddings when she’s saved many a brides tear by either helping to lace up wedding dresses when nerves have got the better of chief bridesmaids and mothers, or simply by providing emergency hair grips and safety pins when needed.

The bond that Clare and Paul naturally have, strengthens the way they work, as they instinctively know what the other is thinking from across a room, which is how and why they get the shots they do.