Discover award-winning wedding pictures from ILTO Yorkshire Wedding Photographer. If you want to get stunning and personal photos for your own special day, just give us a shout, and we’ll see if we can help you out!

ILTO’s wedding pictures are beautiful, personal and unique to every couple. We’re not interested in making you stand in certain places or pull certain poses for hours on end. We want to capture you at your best; while you’re having fun, celebrating and enjoying your day.

While we, of course, offer group shots and wedding portraits, our focus (no pun intended!) is on shooting the natural moments. It’s here where you’ll get your best photos, the ones with emotion, feeling, with real real personalities and memories.

Where’s the fun in setting up staged shots that don’t reflect your personality. What would be the point? It’s silly for you to look back through your printed album, or at a canvas hanging on your wall, thinking “It’s a nice shot, but I felt stupid doing it!”.  All we need on the day is a couple of 20 minute chunks, a few hours apart, and you’ll be genuinely surprised at how easy it is to get the shots you want, need and never expected.

We create images that lock in the memories and joy. Your wedding photographs are the truest way you’ll be able to remember your wedding day, long after you’ve finally got the last of the confetti from your hair. Each photo should trigger real memories and emotions. You don’t want to simply remember who was there or what you looked like, but how you felt when your father kissed your cheek as he gave you away, when your husband shoved cake into your face or your Uncle did his classic crazy dance!

Wedding images are so precious, which is why you should never compromise on your wedding photography. Hire award-winning Leeds wedding photographers to capture fantastic memories of your special day.

To see more of our wedding photos, check out our 2019 Wedding Portfolio. Here you’ll find the collections of all the weddings we’ve shot. Browse through to get a real feel for our work before you give us a call or fill out a contact form. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Stunning bride slips an arm in to her wedding dress. Natural light. Yorkshire Wedding Photographer.

The wedding photos we take aren’t about what we want, and we always try to blend in as much as possible. It’s always about you – it’s your wedding after all! Wedding photos are an investment for the future, enabling you to hold on to all those special moments. When we show you the shots we’ve taken, we promise you’ll say “I love that one”. Then we know we’ve done you proud!