We're not your average one trick ponies!

Yorkshire Photographers, is fair to say that there are a few of us! It seems that most of them stay in their comfort zones ….. and where’s the fun in that?!

Yorkshire Photographers aren’t the only people guilty of this, as it happens all over the country.

Yes we’ve covered weddings in all sorts of venues, and this is something that keeps our creativity in top form. From Leeds, Wakefield, Pontefract, Barnsley and Doncaster, to The Deep in Hull, Alerton Castle, Holdsworth House, Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa, Woodhall Spa, Cubley Hall, Badgen Hall, Hazelwood Castle, Waterton Park Hotel, Outlon Hall, Goldsborough Hall, Bolton Abbey, The Devonshire Fell Hotel and Wentbridge House, we’ve covered them all – and not forgetting the weddings we’ve covered in Scotland, Wales, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby ….. Cyprus and Mexico too!

But we aren’t just wedding photographers and we don’t only cover weddings. Do portrait photographers only cover portraits? Boudoir photographers? ……. well, you get the idea!

Think of it like this.  If you learnt to drive in a Fiesta, and you passed your test, I’m guessing you can drive all sorts of cars now can’t you …… and not just Fiesta’s!!  When you think of it like this, it doesn’t make sense does it it?

We’re great with people, and we’re great with our cameras too, so as we tick both of these boxes, we’re able to confidently photograph anything and everything!

It’s true that we photograph weddings more than anything else, but we regularly cover all of the following.  Lifestyle and Newborn portraits, Boudoir sessions and Festivals, Corporate and Commercial commissions, Comedy and Black Tie Galas’ ……. and not forgetting the Charity events and private parties we cover also!

We work regularly with Bella Italia covering restaurant openings, and with William Hill for private parties also.  We continually support numerous charity associations, such as the Cancer Research White Collar Boxing, Red Cross, the NHS, the Network Group, the Yorkshire Veterinary Society.

Boudoir and model Portfolio sessions are regularly provided and we cover private parties from Masquerade Balls, Birthday Parties, Engagement parties and Christenings.

In January 2016, we set up the West Yorkshire Photography Club. Our free to join members benefit from being able to have our support and guidance, to help them become better photographers

If you’ve got an event or session that you’d like capturing properly, drop us a line and we’ll see how we can help you.


Motorsport is about the only  thing, other than photography, travel and my beloved Mrs C, that I have true passion for! I approach them the same as I do with our weddings.  It’s always about the people. The unsung hero’s that make everything else work.  Weddings are nothing without the right guests, and a successful…